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22 Aug, 2022

Why CBD? Q+A with Medahuman

Why CBD? We have learnt a lot about CBD through experts and other CBD brands we have partnered with and have quickly become converts. Our founder Lily is a particular advocate, and has learnt how to incorporate a little CBD into her everyday, knowing the positive effects it can have on both her physical and mental health. We talk to the founder of the CBD drinks brand Medahuman, Jayde, to find out a little more behind the brand and discuss the functional health benefits she has felt from CBD.


1. What are the physical health benefits of CBD?

CBD is a multi-tasking molecule, targeting a wide range of physiological functions at the same time. It has been shown to help/reduce : Anxiety, Mood, Sleep, Pleasure, Pain, Inflammation, Immune System, Memory, Motor Control

2. And how does CBD play a part on your mental health as well?

CBD plays a role in supporting the body’s master regulator means it helps to create balance in mind and body. CBD helps support our endocannabinoid system – the body’s master regulator responsible for bringing homeostasis to all our key biological functions.

3. Does CBD affect your sleep?

Yes, CBD has been proven to improve the quality of your sleep. Whilst it doesn not put you to sleep it regulates the body into REM (resting eye movement) for longer periods of time. REM is crucial as that is when your body does most of its recovery.

4. And your movement?

One of the main reasons people take CBD is for pain relief and inflammation. CBD has been shown to significantly reduce both pain and inflammation in the body or joints when taken regularly increasing your bodily and joint movement.

5. How do the other ingredients in your drink compliment the CBD?

MEDAHUMAN is more than just a CBD drink. Deliciously functional with 25 natural and nutritional ingredients in addition to CBD, this equals more functional elements and ensures MEDAHUMAN is focussed on efficacy. By being CBD + (harnessing the botanical synergy of CBD with functional adaptogens, nootropics, vitamins and minerals), our unique range meets your individual need states, whether that is to help you RECOVER, RELAX, GLOW, ENERGISE OR SIMPLY WIND DOWN FOR THE NIGHT.

6. What is your favourite healthy habit?

My favourite healthy habit is my weekday 6am gym routine alongside my daily MEDAHUMAN drinks to aid my recovery.

7. How do you juggle health and wellbeing with work?

I have a fairly strict but healthy gym routine during the week. Getting up at 5:30 to be at the gym for 6am can be tough, but I find it crucial as it really helps generate the energy I need for the day ahead and resets my mind. Throughout the day i take a few minutes away from my screen to reset my mind, stretch and move my body. Those small breaks have been proven to aid productivity.

8. Which is your favourite flavour of Medahuman?

I personally love them all, but if I had to choose I would go with ENERGY or RELAX.

9. Which of our meals do you think would make for the best pairing with that drink of choice?

The beauty of our drinks is that they are so light and refreshing they can literally fit alongside any meal you desire. We have crafted our drinks around function not just taste. Meaning that our natural ingredients deliver what it says on the front of the can. That being said, we tried the GLOW alongside your Miso Corn Bowl the other day and that was a particularly lovely and refreshing combo on a summer's day!