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19 Jul, 2022

Why we could all benefit from adding CBD into our lives

The beauty of CBD lies in its versatility and its potential to positively affect a myriad of things. 4 years ago I was so astonished by the results I personally experienced from using CBD to help with issues of sleep, ongoing anxiety and crippling period cramps that I embarked on a journey with 2 friends that would become KLORIS. I wanted to create a brand that offered the best possible quality CBD in useful, results driven formulations with sustainability, education and community at its core.


So how does CBD work? Meet the Endocannabinoid system.

All mammals have what is called an ‘Endocannabinoid System’. It is a neurotransmitter pathway and one of the most important biological systems involved in establishing and maintaining many vital functions in our bodies. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that works by interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors found within the ECS (these receptors are all over the body from the surface of your skin right into your bones) to encourage better and even optimum functioning.

The three most common reasons people come to us for CBD use is stress / anxiety, pain relief and better sleep. (And increasingly skincare for stressed out skin, but more on that later).

CBD works with your body to help restore its natural balance and optimum functioning which is why you can take the same good quality drops (like our 5% or 10% drops) for both sleep at night and as a focus aid or for stress relief during the day, because CBD assists the body in doing what it does best to leave you feeling at ease.

The World Health Organisation has a very positive perspective on CBD confirming that it is not addictive, it has a very good safety profile (e.g. it doesn’t come with unwanted side effects) and that it is not intoxicating or ‘psychotropic’ in any way.


At KLORIS we have focused our products and the delivery methods on some of the most effective ways to deal with the aforementioned ailments of stress, sleep and pain.


This comes in the format of our oral drops, you place the desired amount of drops under your tongue and hold for 90 seconds allowing the mucus membranes to absorb the CBD and swallow the rest. The little bottles are easy to carry around and last around 1 month with daily use. The ingestible format is perfect for systemic issues such as sleep and stress.


This is one the most exciting methods and growing in popularity with our customers by the day. They work by using a special adhesive that allows the CBD to penetrate through the skin and get directly into your body, bypassing the liver and digestive system for maximum effectiveness (bioavailability).

Our brand new patches are precise, effective and unlike many available on the market they are fully biodegradable. They are super convenient, as they are waterproof patches that deliver their active ingredients steadily into your body over 24 hours. We have 2 separate types that focus on pain and sleep.


This is the simple act of applying a cream or balm to the desired area for localised / targeted use. Topical application specifically targets the CB2 cannabinoid receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system, which may help with reducing inflammation and pain, as well as surface skin healing. Our High Strength Balm is 1.3% CBD and is perfect for both.

Finally, a note on CBD in skincare as promised! We know CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, speeds up healing and regulates oil production. It is still a relatively new ingredient in terms of skincare so it doesn’t have the same volume of data that other hero ingredients such as retinol or Vitamin C has (yet!) but what has been found so far in terms of topical use is hugely exciting! We have a CBD skincare range which includes, The Face Cream, The Eye Cream, and The Superboost Face Oil. They are designed to work in harmony together to actively support stressed skin and help brighten and even skin tone. CBD is a potent antioxidant as well as a skin conditioner and protector. It also has anti-sebum properties, combined with natural actives like Chaga Mushroom to boost collagen and Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane to hydrate and lock-in moisture. All great news for your skin!

In our flagship store in London and on our website you will find a host of information and further reading on the discussed ‘four pillars’ of stress, sleep, pain and skincare.