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24 Jan, 2024

Tips to inspire consistent movement with Jilla Active

We are so excited to have partnered with female-founded, premium activewear brand, Jilla Active on our Ultimate Reset programme. To find out a little more about JA, we ask their product designer & yoga expert, Olivia, a few questions about what inspires her and how she maintains an active lifestyle that also brings her joy.

How do you find joy in movement?

I have been using class pass for the last year and have loved being in a position to discover new studios and teachers who have since become firm favourites.

What motivates you to move regularly?

I love the feeling of a moving meditation which yoga provides - yoga is one of the very few things which gets me out of bed early on a weekend morning! I often realise how much it gives me when I haven’t been able to practice and that’s when I crave getting back to the studio to move my body whether that is for Yoga, Pilates or barre. I find booking classes in advance and the cancellation policy holds you to account so you can’t wriggle out of these commitments!

Does your movement change week by week or according to different times of the year?

During the colder months I gravitate towards hot yoga which I find really warms me up from the inside- you come out on such a high after sweating out any toxins! I have also recently started swimming once a week at my local pool which I find so freeing and immersive – I book this in for a Friday evening as it’s a really lovely activity to end the week with. In the summer I love to get outside as much as possible with long walks, cycling down into the Kent countryside and practicing yoga outside in nature.

Do you find that activewear optimises performance?

100%, feeling comfortable and confident is so important so you can really get in the zone! I love Jilla’s seamless leggings which stay in place all class and move with you. I live in Jilla bras, not just for yoga but for everyday as they are so comfy, you don’t know you’re wearing them! We aim to design activewear with versatility in mind, key items that transcend a studio activity or class to an everyday wardrobe staple in soft, premium, and very much wearable fabrics.

What do you do to fully rest and recover?

I love to do yin and restorative yoga to slow down and disconnect. I’m also a fan of a slow evening doing very little- getting away from screens, enjoying a nourishing meal, reading my book and a hot bath!

How do you refuel? What's your go-to meal on a good day?

When I get back from a morning Yoga I love to make a coffee and banana smoothie with oats, kefir, peanut butter and ground flax seeds- basically all the energy and goodness to power my day. I make time to cook from scratch every day and try to pack as many key nutrients as possible into each meal, my go to is a salad bowl with pulses, veggies, seeds, and kimchi with some cheese sprinkled on top.

Receive a complimentary £40 voucher from Jilla Active to spend on their beautiful, premium activwear with our Ultimate Reset, a 20-day programme for total transformation and a seasonal holistic cleanse.