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15 Apr, 2022

A Day in the Life on the 10-Day Gut Cleanse with Rosie Speight

My name is Rosie and I live in central London with my husband and two daughters, who are 6 and 2 and very loud. I’m the co-founder of the vitamin company Equi; we produce a range of nutritional supplements that support women at all stages of life. Our products are unique in the sense that they are total body support in 1 - we combine around 50 pure, science backed nutrients to nourish the whole body whilst also having a targeted benefit such as skin, menopause or weight management. Our aim is to remove the confusion and disappointment of the supplement market and save our customers the hassle and expense of trying to create their own supplement plans with products that generally weren’t designed to go together.


I met my business partner, Alice Mackintosh on the first day of university and we’ve been great friends ever since. She is a nutritional therapist and has formulated the products based on her functional approach to nutrition and 10 years experience in clinic. My background is slightly less healthy, having worked on the busy trading floors of investment banks for many years. I left Banking to start Equi after experiencing first-hand the power of a complete supplement range when Alice helped me with hormonal acne after coming off the pill. This combination of 8 supplements that she’d recommended was expensive, a faff to take each morning and crucially, only accessible through practitioners - so we thought that we’d create an all-in-one product… and Equi was started. It was very exciting to partner up with the Detox Kitchen for the 10 day gut cleanse programme, which Equi was included in.

Both my husband and I have been customers for a couple of years and love the delicious meals - so when I was asked to do the gut cleanse myself I was delighted.Here is a walk through of my first day on the cleanse:

7.30 am - wake up. My eldest daughter Gigi is always up with the birds but thankfully her little sister Clara enjoys her sleep as much as I do. Breakfast for the girls whilst I unpack the first box which was waiting on my door step this morning. How exciting and I’m so impressed with all of the colour in the food and juices and by the extra details such as the herbal teas which make all the difference. Plus the lovely bag and journal… and our very beautiful supplements and shaker! We recently updated our label slightly and this is the first time I’m seeing it in the flesh and I love it.

I tend to eat for the first time late morning naturally, so the fasting element on the cleanse works really well for me. I always drink a few glasses of water in the morning and also have the lemon and turmeric shots with a cup of coffee whilst the girls eat and I pack Gigi’s school bag. Then we’re all dressed, besides from Clara who I keep in her PJs as every minute counts, and in the car on the way to school - normally with very loud Taylor Swift or Katy Perry playing which is as effective as coffee.

9am - Clara’s nanny arrives and I get some work done before going for a quick work out at my local spin studio. Have the ‘pretty powerful’ juice whilst I’m getting ready afterwards.

11am - early lunch at my desk - zingy noodles with kimchi mayo. Delicious, so fresh and so convenient. I also have the pudding which is a tropical yoghurt and really yummy. Equi needs to be taken with food so I mix up a scoop of Original Formula in the shaker with cold water - I love the berry flavour. Feeling very healthy now and it definitely puts a spring in your step.

1pm - Alice and I are meeting with a journalist in town to talk about our new Menopause range. I take the green juice and chickpea snack with me and have afterwards whilst we continue to work together at our shared workspace. Our team has always been virtual and the flexibility it gives us brilliant, particularly when many of us have little ones at home. We’re working on creating capsuled versions of our powdered products and planning the marketing strategy and web changes around it, which is very exciting.

5.30 pm - I get home and finish off some work before the girl’s nanny leaves at 6. I try to switch off and spend some time with the girls before bed time… sometimes easier said than done. We work with a few select retailers but are mainly a DTC brand and all of the tech we use has an app, so it’s tricky to not check things. A digital detox is needed but I’m not sure I’d survive it.

7pm - my husband gets home and normally I will cook whilst he puts Gigi to bed and we catch up on the day. It’s such a treat to have been cooked for with The Gut Cleanse and he has also signed up for a Detox Kitchen 10 day Active Maintain programme, so we’re doing it at the same time. Dinner for me is 7 veg miso stew which is also absolutely delicious and really filling and Tom is having a Thai green prawn curry.

8pm - feeling very happy that there is no washing up to be done and the kitchen is clean! We relax with one of the herbal teas and I’m feeling light having had a plant based day which always feels good and I don’t do enough. Make a note of this in the Feel Good Journal that comes with the cleanse. It’s so helpful to be prompted to check in with yourself and adds a quick and easy moment of mindfulness to the day. We also take a scoop of magnesium an hour before bed, Mag 365 is our go-to.

9.30pm - bedtime is always early mid-week as my husband is also up with the birds and gets himself to the gym for 6 most mornings - which I absolutely cannot relate to, but I’m definitely at my best after 9 hours sleep and prioritise it when we’re having a quiet evening. I’ll read for a bit and normally go to sleep at 10... I’m reading The Paper Palace at the moment after seeing a few posts about it on IG, I don’t normally read fiction but am enjoying this. I find I sleep much better after a day of lighter food and wake up feeling hungrier than usual but energised and excited to see what’s been left on the door step for the next day.

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