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15 Jul, 2014

Coyo Yoghurt

You know how much we love coconut yoghurt especially through our constant collaborations with dreamy brand Coyo, so we thought we would catch up with the brains behind it. Say hello to Bethany Eaton.


You know how much we love coconut yoghurt especially through our constant collaborations with dreamy brand Coyo, so we thought we would catch up with the brains behind it. Say hello to Bethany Eaton.

What’s the Coyo story?! We’d love to know what drove you to produce coconut yoghurt.

I was running a nutritional practice at the Hale Clinic, working with clients with specific dietary requirements and I became determined to find a real ‘free from’ non-dairy alternative to the limited supply of products at that time. I was increasingly aware of the health benefits of coconut and saw a gap in the market for a coconut milk yoghurt and eventually discovered that CO YO was about to launch in Australia. I acquired the rights to CO YO in the UK and made it my own – creating new formulations and flavours and now everything is produced from my own dairy free factory in Kent.

Coconuts are very high in fat but they are famed as a health food. Why are they so good for us?

Coconuts are indeed high in fat, but this is a good thing because they are one of nature’s richest sources of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), which are completely unlike other fats. MCFAs are smaller, easily digested and burned by the liver for energy, rather than being stored in the body as fat. Additionally, coconut is one of the only fats that the liver does not have to use bile to break down. MCFAs also boost the thyroid, support the immune system and are heart healthy.

Why is coconut yoghurt better for us than dairy yoghurt?

Coconut is a wonderful alternative to dairy because our bodies can easily digest coconut. The absorption of dairy is dependent on an enzyme called Lactase, some people fail to produce this enzyme after the age of about four, without this enzyme to break down Lactose (the main sugar in cow’s milk), our body struggles and this produces adverse reactions such as bloating, acne and other health complaints.

More seriously, some cancer patients are advised to remove dairy from their diet. This is because cow’s milk is produced for a young calf, to help it grow, and part of this process is the acceleration of cell growth.

Soya products have fallen out of favour with so many nutritionists. What is your viewpoint on soya?

There are a number health concerns associated with soya – for one thing it is mass produced and often genetically modified. Soya is a vegetable protein that is not easily digested, and this can cause the body to become intolerant, resulting in bloating, gas and constipation. Additionally, the high levels of phytic acid in soy block the absorption of certain vital nutrients including calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. I’m not a fan..!

Have you any stories from customers of their experience of switching to Coyo from other alternatives, which you can share?

Generally, it is the creaminess that really stands out. CO YO is so rich and smooth and dense, it’s quite unlike any other alternatives and people can’t believe that they have found something so delicious that’s good for you too. Increasingly though, CO YO is now seen as a delicious food product in its own right that happens to be healthy. The foodie fraternity – journalists, bloggers and chefs are really getting behind CO YO and enjoying it and using it in their recipes. This pleases me greatly because I don’t just want to be a Free From product – I want CO YO to be on the shelves as something that is luxurious, delicious and nutritious.

And lastly, which is your favourite COYO flavour!? (Ours is vanilla!)

I’m also a big fan of vanilla although natural is so useful for cooking. Morello Cherry is my newest flavour, and this would be top of my list at the moment. It’s great because everyone has their own favourite and our customers are very vocal about letting us know – the raw chocolate is becoming a firm favourite amongst our fan base.