Get holiday body ready
Get holiday body ready
5th Apr, 2017
With the sun raising its glorious head in London last week, you could literally feel the buzz of excitement and the collective sprint to the nearest balcony, Aperol Spritz in hand. Our minds were finally allowed to transport us to the summer holiday we booked way back when.

What I realised however, is that my heart is ready for the beach, but my bum most definitely is not! And while I would never prescribe advice on achieving a ‘bikini body’, what I am going to offer you is some pointers for the lead up to that heavenly holiday that might make your bum defy gravity a bit more, but will definitely make you feel lighter, brighter and ready to get a real glow.

Be gone temptation

It's an oldy but a goody. If you want to eat better food you need to steer clear of the food that isn't so good for you. I find the easiest way to avoid buying sugary, processed food is to a) not go to the supermarket when I'm hungry and b) go to the supermarket with a list (that doesn't have Hobnobs on it!).

Eat foods that aren't calorie dense

When attempting to reduce the amount of calories in your diet, it seems logical to simply reduce the size of your portion, but a much better way is to maintain the size of your dish but switch in ingredients that aren't calorie dense. For example, if you are used to eating a large plate of chicken, rice and vegetables, replace the rice with the same amount of vegetables. It will feel like you are eating the same amount but you will be reducing the calories.

Eat fibre

Fibre aids a healthy digestive system, keeping your gut happy and healthy. It can also help you to feel fuller for longer, meaning less temptation to reach for said Hobnobs.

And finally, move more

We all know it. We all know we should move a bit more. So put down that phone, go for a run, or even a brisk walk. Not only will it burn calories and tone your body but it will also simulate your brain in ways sitting in front of a computer wont.

Here's to a beautiful, healthy, holiday bod.

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