Healthy Comfort Food
Healthy Comfort Food
14th Feb, 2017

This week it's all about comfort food. Warming bowls of delicious food that nourish the soul and will fend off any pesky winter colds or blues. I’ve rounded up my favourite comforting recipes so you can enjoy these too.
Sometimes only a big steaming bowl of pasta will do. Especially when it’s been raining all day. This delicious Buckwheat Pasta with Broccoli, Pesto and Nut Crumb is my go-to dish for these occasions. Buckwheat pasta is a great alternative to wheat-based pasta (contrary to the name there is no wheat in buckwheat) as it is gluten-free and is also one of the rare non-animal sources of complete protein.
Also up my sleeve is this King Prawn and Cauliflower Curry. It’s a million times better for you than any ready-meal from the supermarket, which will have been pumped full of preservatives. It tastes better too, trust me. More of a burger fiend? This Salmon Burger will satisfy any cravings, while being easier to digest than a typical red-meat patty, and also being a real skin-booster that will have you glowing with health and happiness.
Here’s to cosy nights in enjoying delicious, warming suppers.

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Mindful Eating

Will Williams, founder of Will Williams Meditation, teaches us that it is not just what you eat that’s important, it’s also the way you eat. Are you guilty of eating ‘Al desko’ as is so common in our screen-heavy world? Then you may want to rethink your lunch break.

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