You Don't Have To Win To Be A Winner
You Don't Have To Win To Be A Winner
14th Feb, 2017

For some, nay most, coming last in a race would be a bit of a downer. But not for Dawn Nisbet. Oh no. Images have gone viral of Dawn crossing the finish line of a park race she took part in last year, of which it took her so long to complete pretty much everyone else had packed up and gone home. But rather than letting that get to her, the look of pure joy as she crossed that finish line, arms raised in triumph, has inspired hundreds of others. Dawn has reminded us that you don’t have to win to be a winner.

Before I had my first child, I went to yoga at least twice a week. I told myself once a few months had passed I would get back into it. That was two years ago. I’ve felt guilty about this, about how I should make time to exercise more regularly. But if I can learn anything from Dawn, it’s that as long as I have my goal in sight, and take small but meaningful steps towards it, I will get there. I will be able to touch my toes again. It just might take a bit of time. And that’s ok.

So for those of you whose goal it is to eat well, just keep reducing the amount of processed food consumed, cook more and more meals from scratch, swap that coffee for a mood-boosting juice or hydrating herbal tea, and eventually you'll be owning your goals just like Dawn.

Our goal in the Detox Kitchen head office this month is to complete Sugar-Free February, run by Cancer Research, and we urge as many of you that can to join us! 

Herbs & Spices - Turmeric

An anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant, this delicious spice is loaded with protein, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, E and K.

Your Fuss-Free Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

This guide is aimed at helping you take those first steps to a lighter, brighter you. Try dipping in and out of it when you feel in need of a helping hand, and remember not to beat yourself up about that treat or extra helping, just focus on getting that balance back afterwards.

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Hailed by Vogue as one of the top cultural events in London last summer, our Wake up With event series is returning this spring, and what a line-up we've got for you!

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