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12 Mar, 2024

Female Faces of the Brand: Issy Croker

Allow us to introduce Issy, our wonderful, uber-talented photographer! This International Women's Day, we are celebrating all the wonderful women we work with; we are taking this opportunity to introduce you to some of the fabulous female faces behind the brand. This week, we are also launching a special IWD recipe booklet, featuring a collection of delicious recipes from top female chefs and will be donating to Women for Women International. Read on for more information or to get your hands on the recipe booklet.


My name is Issy Croker, I’m a commercial and editorial lifestyle photographer specialising in food & travel. DK was one of my first ever clients, about 9 years ago - so I have a very special relationship with them. I love working together. I think I mainly aspire to bring people joy through my work, which I hope in turn makes a difference!

What inspires you?

Travelling! Especially after Covid. Seeing new places, meeting new people, learning new things - nothing keeps me creative more than that.

What does your day usually look like?

Well, I’ve been living in Lombok for the last 2 months so my days usually start with surfing or shooting in the water for a couple of hours. Then I have a big breakfast and go to the ice bath / sauna to relax. I edit in the afternoons, sometimes surf again, then have dinner with friends. * What is your daily non-negotiable? Talking to my best friend Meg. She makes me laugh every day and I wouldn’t want to be without that.

3 wellness tips/habits you swear by

  1. Eat lots of fat! I love good butter, avocados, tinned fish. I feel like it makes a really big difference to my skin and hair.
  2. Wear suncream. It’s an obvious one, but wearing factor 50 everyday makes me feel really good.
  3. Spend time alone. I’m a very social person but I need time alone to recharge my batteries! A solo cinema trip is one of my greatest pleasures.

Favourite cuisine?

Vietnamese. I love how fresh it is but also filling. I crave Pho whenever I’m coming back from a trip, and I think I could eat a papaya salad every day and not get bored of it.

Your favourite DK meal?

I love the black dal with salmon.

Dish or recipe you make most often?

I make a version of a Nicoise about 4 times a week. Basically it’s a big bowl of greens with soft boiled eggs, Ortiz tuna, capers and a Dijon heavy dressing. That with some dark rye always hits the spot.

Death row dinner?

A big, very anchovy forward roast chicken Caesar salad with thin, crunchy fries and a Diet Coke.

What is your favourite form of movement?


What is your favourite quote or mantra?

YOLO. I wrote this as a joke but then I actually realised it’s perfect.

GET OUR IWD RECIPE BOOKLET VIA THE POPUP ON OUR WEBSITE. Check out our blog post on IWD & Women for Women International here.

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