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11 Apr, 2024

5 Steps to Happier Hormones

Why you might be feeling out of balance and how to restore that hormonal harmony in 5 gentle steps.


Let’s dive right in, because before leading you down any path or though process, we want to be clear that there is no one way to tackle your hormone health. The right way is your way. So many women nowadays feel disregulated or out of balance, and this could be a result of many things. The most common cause is likely to be stress on the body - increased cortisol levels will upset the body’s natural rhythm and send it out of whack. However, diet, excess toxins, illness, metabolic dysfunction and general lack of wellbeing are also common triggers for hormonal disregulation, affecting our mood, weight, appetite, sleep, energy levels, skin and much more.

A lot of the time women will feel the consequences of severe hormonal imbalances because they are out of touch with their body because they are moving at the pace of a patriarchal state, not slowing down or resting enough and not honouring their bodies in accordance with their cycles. Perhaps they have lost touch with their food and what they are putting in their body, or they’re out of touch with their circadyian rhythm, sleep or rhythm of movement.

Here’s 5 steps to follow to allow you to tune back in, to reconnect and take back control of your body and your health:

  1. Microbiome magic - Feed your gut first. We’re talking whole foods, no inflammatory ingredients, focus on fibre and protein
  2. Move for escapism - Not only does movement help pump those happy endorphins, but it is a great distraction technique for when you're feeling agitated and need to recalibrate. It allows you to be more present with your body and take your mind away from your worries. What helps even more is aligning the type of movement to your energy levels. Start your morning with a full body scan to check how you are feeling for a great meditative practice and to plan how to move your body accordingly.
  3. Slow down - take life back down to normal rate or below ( x 1 or x 0.5 ) and try to follow the 5:2 rule. Mini tips are reducing phone use because the darting eye movement will send your body into disarray and pile on that stress. Moving your eyes side to side when you are reading will trigger a more calming natural because it mimics the natural eye movement we used to adopt when we were cavemen, landscape searching
  4. Daylight savings - Synchronising our bodies with the natural environment will help bring calm and a more positive mood. This means waking when it is light - getting outside and soaking in the daylight first thing to directly modulate the availability of neurotransmitters like seratonin - and trying to eat within daylight hours to nurture an optimal circadian clock, promote better metabolism and encourage deeper sleep.
  5. A moment for you - If you have 30 mins or even 10 mins spare, what would you do with it? Ask yourself what you want? How you feel in that moment. Listen to your body, listen to your mind. And breathe. Whether its a 20-30 min walk, 10 mins spent in nature, doing breathwork, stretching, skincare, drawing, try and take that time every day (outside of exercise) to yourself to take yourself out of your autopilot mode, your work, your busy schedule and tap into your parasympathetic nervous system to reconnect with yourself. If you struggle with time, try habit-stacking. This means adding a new habit in the time you would otherwise be doing other things to. For example, playing positive affirmations for 3 minutes while you brush your teeth, or practicing gua sha whilst you drink a glass of water in the morning or are reading at night. Incorporating small, simple habits is likely to make a big difference to your mental health in the long term.

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