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01 Oct, 2020

5 top tips for good sleep, with REN Clean Skincare

We've partnered with REN Clean Skincare on the sleep pillar for our new Immunity Programme. Here, we catch up with their Global Brand Ambassador, David Delport, on his top tips for a good night's sleep.


How does sleep come into good health?

Sleep is the time our bodies regenerate, our learnings from the day are locked into our brain’s computer storage, inflammation is rebalanced, and homeostasis happens through hormone management. Without it we would lose function day by day and eventually die. Next to air and water there is nothing more important.

We believe that the 4 pillars for a healthy immune system are diet, sleep, stress-management and movement. Have you research at all how sleep impacts immunity?

I am not a scientist, but I’d have to agree with that statement 100%. I’m very well read on the matter due to my own debilitating sleep disorder which led to inflammation and poor health. A book that was instrumental to my understanding of sleep was ‘Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker. I loved the Audiobooks version. In the words of Bill Gates ‘this book put me to sleep’. A fascinating must-read for anyone who is struggling to contextualise the importance of sleep & health. It sort of forces you to start prioritising your sleep and health.

What would your 5 top tips be for a good night’s sleep?

  1. I meditate for 10 minutes with the Breethe App (available on the app store)
  2. I don’t drink wine late at night. I’m of the age where certain alcohol pushes me into a 2am wake-up as my body detoxes. Spirits tend to be better, but everyone is different!
  3. I have a cool shower before bed. I’m very into the Wim Hof Method of cold water and deep breathing twice a day. I sleep more comfortably when my body is cool. Having a window open is essential for me.
  4. Use REN’s & Now To Sleep Spray. The best I’ve used – it was made for me!
  5. I listen to an Audible book or read my Kindle for at least 10 minutes before bed. Just getting into bed and expecting to fall asleep is not an option for me and this creates a perfect boundary between ‘day mind’ and ‘night mind’.

How can the & Now to Sleep spray aid sleep and consequently lead to better health?

We use Frankincense notes primarily. Frankincense is traditionally used for anxiety and worrying thoughts. It’s why it has been used ritualistically for thousands of years to bring focus and calm during meditation. We also use more traditional elements like lavender and hops which are knows for their relaxing properties. It is not an overpowering scent. It’s designed to give you that moment of calm just before bed and not stick to your pillow. I’ve had essential oil products that were so strong they did the opposite and kept me awake. This is also both child and pet friendly. As tempting as it might be though, don’t spray them directly - a gentle spritz on nearby fabric is all you need.

David Delport is a Global Brand Ambassador for REN Clean Skincare. David has over 20 years' experience in luxury beauty, and during his 12-year career at REN Clean Skincare has worked in-hand with product development, while employing his own industry knowledge. You can find him on Instagram @david_renskincare.

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REN Clean Skincare are partners of our new Immunity Programme which is a 2-week programme designed to build a healthy immune system through a 360 approach to good health. With daily healthy food deliveries from us, with supporting gifts from our favourite brands (including the aforementioned REN Clean Skincare & Now to Sleep Spray!). Find out more here.