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22 Mar, 2024

8 signs that may mean your hormones aren't happy with Hertility

Pain, irregular periods, spots and mood drops are not the default for having a female body. You’re not ‘just hormonal’—symptoms like these could be down to a hormone imbalance or reproductive health condition. We look at 8 common symptoms of unhappy hormones with Hertility, the UK's top fertility and hormone at-home testing service.


Ready to suss out your symptoms? Test your hormones with an at-home Hormone and Fertility Test and then discuss your results with one of Hertility's Fertility Advisors.

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  1. Painful or irregular periods? If your period is all over the place, painful or heavy, something could be off with your menstrual cycle hormones. Testing and the right recommendations can help you get back in sync, pain-free.
  2. Tired all the time? We hear ya, who isn’t exhausted, right? Wrong. Constant fatigue is a super common hormonal symptom and the right care plan can help you get that spring back in your step.
  3. Feeling cold a lot? Specifically in your hands and feet? Yep, it could be your hormones. Ditch the gloves and bedsocks—take a test and find out if it’s your hormones giving you a chill.
  4. Banging headaches? Just when you thought your menstrual cycle couldn’t possibly be the bearer of more bad news—enter cyclical hormone headaches. Test today to see if your hormones are behind your headbang.
  5. Bad breakouts? Did you know it’s your hormones that give you that golden hour glow? Understand what’s causing your skin to flare at your time of the month.
  6. Too much hair? Yep, we’re talking chin hairs. And nipple hairs. Sounds like you might have too many androgen hormones. Get them tested and get on a care plan to fight that fuzzy upper lip, once and for all.
  7. Feeling ravenous? If you’re suddenly feeling really hungry often and for no obvious reason (like that spin class you did earlier) the hormones that control your metabolism could be off balance. Test to get them checked and back on track.
  8. Loosing hair? Hair falling out or thinning is not fun. But it could be something as simple as your oestrogen and progesterone being too low.

Test today to find out with Hertility.


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