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19 May, 2024

DK x PRESS: Why we juice

Announcing our latest collaboration for all your cold-pressed juice needs: DK x PRESS! PRESS produce fresher-than-fresh, high quality, cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices and we couldn't be more excited to be partnering with them across all products. Read on for a little more on why we include cold-pressed juices with all our products and what to expect from the new line-up.


A little more about PRESS...

PRESS share our mission to transform people's lives, making a happier, healthier world through convenient, high-quality, natural nutrition. They produce fresher-than-fresh cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices and health shots, packed with nutrients and bursting with vibrant flavours.

What are the health benefits of cold-pressed juicing?

  1. Higher nutrient retention: Cold-pressing the juices mean each fruit and veg is pressed slowly. It means they retain nutrients better without generating heat, which can strip some of the valuable enzymes from the fruits and vegetable fibre. Less nutrients are also lost to oxidation in the cold-pressing process, meaning that you are left with a much more nutrient-dense, high quality product with a much cleaner and fresher taste.
  2. More plants: The cold-pressed juices we provide pack a whopping 3-6 extra vegetables and fruits into your diet in one serving, leading to more plant diversity and a higher intake of dietary fibre for optimum gut health with better digestion. Drinking juice means you are filling your body with an abundance of bioavailable nutrients that get directly absorbed into your stomach lining. More plants equals better immunity, more energy, better eating habits and better skin too.
  3. Supporting your natural detoxification: The cleansing and hydrating qualities of cold-pressed juices help rid of toxins to support your natural detoxification system and improve liver function.

We include at least one cold-pressed juice a day with all meal plans, 3-day resets and seasonal programmes. We now also offer them on Fridge Fills with our breakfast bundles.

When to drink a juice?

We recommend drinking them first thing in the morning after an intermittent-fasting window of 14 hours (ideally) for an instant burst of hydration and energy. The nutrients will help kickstart your metabolism and provide your first bit of fuel for the day. If you are sensitive to sugar spikes or insulin-resistant, we recommend having your juice alongside or after eating, pairing it with protein, fat or fibre to lower glycemic load. They make a great accompaniment to breakfast and lunch or as a pick-me-up with a savoury high-fibre snack. Post-exercising is also a great time to have a juice as the glycogen stores provide essential vitamins and minerals to help recovery. Drinking alongside extra protein can further support muscle repair and recovery. Otherwise if you are intermittent-fasting, they can also be a nice way to break the fast and keep you going for a bit longer before you digest your first meal.

The NEW juice line-up:

From your hard greens, to your sweet greens, to your zingy ginger, your berry boost. Check out the new line-up of PRESS juices available on our menus...

  • Daily celery: Embrace daily celery juice for ultimate health, conveniently.
  • Daily Lean Greens: The greenest juice going, it's simple, clean and full of green lean goodness.
  • Berry Boost: The perfect blend of cold-pressed strawberry, crisp apple juice, lemon and mint.
  • Super Ginger: Packed with ginger root and zingy lemon for essential immunity support.
  • Clean Carrot: A source of Vit A & C, this sweet & smooth juice is a great boost to breakfast.
  • Daily Sweet Greens: Balancing sweet apple & greens, ideal for newbie cold-pressed green juice fans.
  • Banana Oat Milkshake: A healthier, plant-based alternative to an indulgent milkshake with banana for extra creaminess.
  • Strawberry Oat Milkshake: A healthier plant-based alternative to an indulgent milkshake with fruity notes of strawberry.
  • Vitamin C Shot: 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirement in one sharp juice shot.
  • Ginger Shot: With 15g of ginger in every bottle, our ginger shot packs a powerful punch.

Receive cold-pressed PRESS juices in your delivery with all our products. Shop Now. Or take our quiz to find out which one is for you.