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05 Sep, 2022

How to Find Your Stride with Sweaty Betty

The sense of freedom you get from running – and the accomplishment you feel at the finish line – is unbeatable. And the beauty of running? You can follow your own path. Go explore off-road or stick to a precise training plan to smash a PB. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small part of your week or the biggest highlight of your day, putting one foot in front of the other can be transformative. Ready to find out how? We sit down with our partners for The Energiser Programme - Sweaty Betty - to discuss the life changing benefits of this form of movement.


You’ll Gain Resilience

Running builds discipline. From crazy o’clock runs before work to speed drills after dark, there’s always an element that pushes you out of your comfort zone. It can feel gruelling when you start, but over time you’ll find yourself going further and faster.

You’ll Reconnect with Nature

Staring at a screen all day? Log off. Get outside. And feel the endorphins flow. A bit of sunlight and some grass under your feet can be all it takes to clear your head and get energised again.

You’ll Improve Your Heart Health

Regular running can lower your blood pressure and strengthen your heart, resulting in a lower resting pulse and a higher intake of oxygen. What does that mean? A lap around the block a few times a week could be all it takes to cut your risk of heart disease by up to 55%.

You’ll Boost Your Confidence

Ready to believe and achieve? From ticking off training goals to crossing the finish line, running heightens positivity and confidence. Once you know you can do one challenging thing, you stop putting off all those other difficult things too.

You’ll Find Grounding

Balance Got a to-do list as long as your arm? Getting out for a run can give you the clarity you need to get things done. There’s something about being in motion that refreshes the mind. A new perspective is right outside your front door. All you need to do is lace up… Feeling inspired to find your runner’s high? Get the gear you need to get going with our run collection.

The benefits of running outside in nature

Ultimately, the biggest difference between running outside and on the treadmill is the psychological benefit. Nothing can quite beat the endorphin rush that comes after even just a few miles of running outdoors. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, just getting your body moving in the outdoors triggers feel-good emotions, which can elevate your mood and reduce stress, which in turn improves mental health.

In fact, mental health is one of the biggest reasons many people run. It’s not just to do with getting fitter or losing weight. It’s about destressing and unwinding. It’s about finding that mediative state, where our breath finds a rhythm and our feet match it; It’s about finding our freedom. We tend to cram so much into a day we don’t give ourselves much time to digest what we’ve done. Running gives us time to process our thoughts and as a result, we feel better.

There’s evidence that also shows that running increases electrical activity in key areas of the brain that are essential for processing emotions and helping consolidate memories.

How to run better and faster

1. Tread carefully

Before running for the hills check your kit. If the outsole of your trainer tread is smooth and worn or the forefoot no longer springs back into shape when folded then you need new shoes. Footwear specialist Emma Kirk O-Dunubi recommends changing your running trainers every 300-500 miles.

2. Round up your support

If you want to be comfortable as you clock up the miles, then you need a sports bra designed for the job. Sorry, your yoga bralette won’t cut it. Your bra should fit snugly, without being so tight that you can’t breathe; the back band shouldn’t ride up (this is a sign that it’s too big), nor should you be able to get more than one finger under the band. Plus, nowhere on the bra should the material pucker. Look for either compression style bras or encapsulated cups for the best support. Build strong foundations

3. No weights?

Use your body as your gym. Luke Worthington, elite performance specialist, will tell you that ‘you need to get fit to run’ to avoid injury and make it suck less and you can do this with just your body weight. Start with squats, lunges, single leg RDLs and side planks.

4. Get social

The London Marathon, coming up on 2nd October, is the single biggest annual one-day fundraising event, which means, that because the event has been postponed many charities will suffer from a lack of donations this year. But us runners, can still help. Join in 2.6 Challenge and run or walk 2.6 miles, 2.6km or jog for 26 minutes this month. No matter how far or fast you go, by doing something and people around you to sponsor you’ll help raise money for those in need.

4. Plan for progress

In it for the long game? Then you need a plan. If you run randomly, you’ll get random results and could risk injury from doing too much too soon. Instead, get yourself a plan that works. Couch to 5K is world-famous for a reason - it works. Or, check in with Runner’s World UK who are posting a weekly running plan on their Instagram account.

5. Record your runs

There’s no better motivator than to see how far you’ve come. Run 1Km on your first ever run and record the time. Do exactly the same four weeks later. Compare your times and celebrate success with a personal PB party.

Our top 5 running essentials:

Your support network: The Ultra Running Bra

Your essential vest: The Athlete

Your hero leggings: The Zero Gravity

In case of rain: The Pro Light Performance Running Jacket

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