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18 Apr, 2018

The Forgotten Art of A Hand-Written Note

We could all benefit from switching off from time to time. Kristina Karlsson, the founder of kikki.K, takes us through how she likes to detox from digital and re-connect with people offline.


We’re so addicted to our phones these days, it’s quite frightening to think how much they are always attached to our sides and we’re constantly checking them. Have you stopped to notice how much time passes before you glance at your phone to see if anyone has messaged you, or to refresh your Instagram? This isn’t by accident. Apps are designed specifically to pull you in and reward you for repeat behaviour. There’s a whole psychology around it called gamification. In the context of gamification, this means the best apps tap into your intrinsic motivation while providing rewards (this can be in the form of leaderboards for things like exercise and health or as simple as friends liking your posts). Now that so much of our lives are supported by our mobile phones, it’s so important we take the time to hide them away and do something physical.

This is why we’ve caught up with kikki.K founder, a lifelong stationery lover, to get some tips on how she likes to detox from digital and re-connect with people offline. She takes us through the forgotten art of a hand-written note.

Write a Card to Someone Special

In a world filled with emails and texts, there’s something so satisfying about sitting down and sending a letter instead. Something wonderful happens when we stop to give someone our full attention; whether that's through having a real face-to-face conversation or by sending your thoughts in a letter. By being fully present in the relationship and showing the other person that you really care, we have the power to strengthen and build these bonds.

So, to inspire you to reconnect, why not take part in our Gratitude Challenge and write a card to someone special? Use these tips and ideas to get started.

1. Take your time
Whether you're writing one card or more, set aside enough time so that you’re not rushed and can enjoy crafting meaningful messages to each recipient. Depending on your list, schedule an hour or so each week to write your cards or, alternatively, write one or two each night. Then love sitting down and really focusing on the task and the person you're writing to.

2. Reflect on the year
How has this person made your year wonderful? How have they inspired you? How have they helped you or supported you? Ask yourself these questions when writing your card. Let the recipient know the wonderful impact they’ve made on your year.

3. Express your gratitude
Take a moment to really notice and appreciate the wonderful things each person has brought to your life; from the big to the small. Be sure to include a line letting them know how much joy their actions bring to your life and how appreciated they are.

4. Make plans to catch up
While writing your card, why not make plans for the next catch up? Whether it's face-to-face or a Skype session, suggest a date for a fun activity and love having something special to look forward to together.

We hope these ideas inspire you to reconnect with the wonderful people in your life that you might not see as often as you'd like.