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15 Feb, 2014

On-the-go at London Fashion Week

Stay energised on-the-go with our top tips on how to beat the afternoon slump.


During busy times, it’s easy to forget the simple things – to slowdown, breathe, eat and hydrate to stay energised.

With this in mind, The Detox Kitchen had the pleasure of helping keep the fashion pack well nourished and powered up over the weekend. Our team made the most of our backstage passes to the Alice Temperley, Gyunel, Richard Nicholl, Bobbi Brown and Whistles shows, providing fashionistas with on-the-go nutrition.

As a nod to London Fashion Week, we've put together our top tips on maintaining energy levels to banish the notorious afternoon energy slump and be ready to tackle a busy day (or week) head on.

Here are our top tips on maintaining energy levels throughout the day to be on the best form you can be…

1) Healthy Kickstarter – begin your day on the right foot with a time efficient, hearty, nutritious breakfast. In instances like Fashion Week, breakfast can be your only sit-down meal before the madness begins, so take the time in the morning to fit in a nutrition-dense meal first thing. To save time, think about prepping the night before with easy to make options like green smoothies, bircher museli. You’re now ready-to-go!

2) Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate– It’s just as important to keep hydration levels at a maximum to complement what you consciously consume. Keep a bottle of filtered water on you, and ensure it’s filled up throughout the day to remind you to hydrate continuously. Whilst it’s tempting to fuel up on strong doses of caffeine for that instant energy kick, it eventually drains your body of hydration and results in a downward spiral towards weakness and fatigue.

3) Quick fix – Running around on your feet all day calls for efficient, on-the-go nutrient based snacks to keep the furnace burning. To keep blood sugar stabilised throughout the day, snacks such as nuts and seeds help you to remain mentally alert and avoid the fatigue zone during long days.