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07 Jan, 2020

Q&A with Susanne Kaufman

A bath - what a luxury. Here we ask Susanne Kaufman, founder of holistic skin and body care brand Susanne Kaufman, for her top tips on creating the ultimate bathing experience.


Susanne, is there a perfect time to take a bath?

Ideally you bath in the evening from 9 o'clock. This ensures a restful sleep for relaxation. Another advantage is that in the evening our sense of smell is more pronounced and you can perceive essential oils best. In the evening I love lavender or lemon balm for their relaxing properties. Stimulating oils such as rosemary, juniper or citrus are more suitable during the day. After dinner you should not jump directly into the tub because the body is still busy digesting.

We know that you love bathing. How powerful can bathing be, both mentally and physically?

Hardly anything is as beneficial as taking a relaxing bath. It is a well-deserved moment of rest as well as relief for the back, joints and muscles. A bath also nourishes the skin and has a balancing effect. Nothing can disturb a bathing experience more than laundry in the bathroom or towels lying around. Therefore, remove all disruptive factors from the bathroom to ensure a relaxing ‘on holiday’ type of feeling! Just play a relaxing playlist, read your favourite book, and surround yourself with your favourite scent.

Would you recommend a specific temperature or is there an ideal temperature at which to bath?

The bath temperature shouldn’t be too high. No bath should be over 38 degrees Celsius. The room temperature should also be adapted to avoid a rapid cool down of the body. In a luke warm bath, the skin pores open. Through open pores, the body can obtain a much better cooling effect after the warm bath, or after a cold shower, during which the pores close.

Susanne, what are your favourite ingredients to tip into the bath and why?

Lavender (Herbal Whey Bath calming): relaxing and calming
Melissa (herbal whey bath nourishing): balancing and calming
St. John‘s Wort (St. John‘s Wort bath): mood lifting and warming
Ylang Ylang (Oil bath for the senses): relaxing and aphrodisiacal
Juniper and ginger: stimulating and improve the blood circulation (of the muscles)
Pine oil: warming and good for recovery.

What is your optimum amount of time to stay in the bath?

The ideal duration is 10-15 minutes in order to preserve your circulation system. If you want to relax, your bath time should be between 15 and 20 minutes. During this time, you can let go and enjoy your short break in the bathtub. Even after bathing, take 30 minutes for yourself before indulging in everyday life again.


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