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14 Jan, 2019

Three tips for better sleep

This week we are focusing on our third pillar of health: Sleep. We all love a good night's kip and we know it does wonders for our energy levels, mood and ability to focus but we often don't prioritise it. Here we share our top three tips on how to improve sleep quality.


There are so many factors that affect our sleep, from our diet to our stress levels, through to our exposure to blue light and our bedtime routines. One thing is for certain, we all know the impact a good night's sleep can have on our mood and ability to function better but according to research over a third of us don't get enough of it.

Sleep is a time of intense neurological activity—a rich time of renewal, memory consolidation, brain and neuro-chemical cleansing, and cognitive maintenance. So here are our top three tips on getting a better night's sleep and making sure you're setting the right routines to have quality sleep in your life for good.

1. Prioritise sleep

It's well documented that we know that if we are sleep deprived we don't feel like the most productive or happiest versions of ourselves, yet knowing this we still don't prioritise sleep. Set a bed-time for a week and stick to it. The earlier you are in bed, the earlier you are likely to fall asleep.

2. Put your mobile phone to sleep at least an hour before yourself

We are still learning the true effects of blue light on our sleep quality but there is significant evidence that suggests the more blue light we are exposed to in the hours leading up to bed time the less likely we are to fall asleep quickly. This together with the feeling that we are always 'available' and always 'connected' doesn't help us to unwind and de-stress before bed.

3. Fill up on sleep enhancing nutrients

A healthy diet can have a big impact on our quality of sleep, avoiding the obvious stimulants (caffeine and sugar) can have a big impact on our ability to doze off, as well as ensuring we are getting enough sleep inducing micronutrients: Vitamin C, Tryptophan, Potassium, Melatonin and Vitamin B6. A good place to start is a nutrient dense smoothie designed for better sleep:

The Ultimate Sleep Smoothie:

Try making this Ultimate Sleep Smoothie - Blitz together the following ingredients and drink before 1pm:
50g Strawberries (Vitamin C)
200ml Almond milk + 1 tsp Almond butter (Tryptophan)
1/2 Avocado (Potassium)
50g Pineapple (Melatonin)
50 Spinach (Vitamin B6)

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