White Bean & Sun-dried Tomato Salad With Cashew Nut Pesto
13th Apr, 2018


  • 50g Rocket
  • 100g Cherry tomatoes
  • 60g Sun-dried tomatoes
  • 200g Cannellini beans
  • Large handful of basil
  • 1 tbsp Extra virgin olive oil
  • 30g Cashew nuts
  • 30g Sunflower seeds

Equipment required:

  • Food Processor

With deep flavours of sun-dried tomatoes, a peppery hit of rocket, the creaminess of cannellili beans and topped off with cashew nut pesto, this salad is a true gem from our spring/summer menu! With minimal prep time it's ideal for a quick meal, or the perfect accompaniment for a picnic or BBQ.Find the recipe below...
  • In a bowl layer rocket, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped sun-dried tomatoes and cannellini beans and set to one side.
  • For the pesto put the basil, cashew its, sunflower seeds and olive oil into a food processor with salt and pepper to season and mix. We prefer the consistency to still have a bit of bite, so blend until it's the consistency of a chunky peanut butter!
  • Spoon the pesto over your salad, mix well and enjoy!
It really is as simple as that. Give the recipe a go, share on social and let us know your thoughts!
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