Content Beauty’s Guide to Planet-Friendly Living
Content Beauty’s Guide to Planet-Friendly Living
10th Jun, 2019
Just as switching to a plant-based diet has both health and environmental benefits, considering what you use on your skin, at home and while on holiday can have a positive impact our planet too.

While most of us are trying to update our daily habits to reflect more environmentally-friendly choices, it can be difficult! But with a bit of thought you can help reduce your pollution and create a new everyday habit. Content Beauty tell us how:

Plastic Bottles

Many shower products come in plastic, partly for the safety of the user - no-one wants an accident with glass in the shower. But it is now possible to find solid shampoo bars and body washes, which come in card/paper packaging. Also, look for deodorants and other products in card packaging. It is possible to change the format of products slightly, making it possible to house them in card instead of plastic - at their end of life many of these can be either composted at home or easily recycled.

Plastic Brushes and Razors

Switch your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo version (biodegrades), and your plastic disposable razor for a metal version which will last decades instead of a month.

Sanitary items

Over the course of a lifetime these can contribute considerable waste and they often contain plastics. Try the reusable cup option or it is now possible to avoid applicators and use a reusable tampon applicator.

Biodegradable Products

Are the products you are using biodegradable? While botanical oils like coconut oil will be, if you are using a mineral oil based product this ingredient isn’t easily biodegradable (nor is it from a renewable source). Same goes for exfoliating products - check they don’t contain micro-beads (often plastic) and instead use natural exfoliants. Don’t forget what you wear too, synthetic fibres are known to shed non-biodegradable micro-fibres when laundered, which can pass through water treatment plants polluting our waterways and oceans. While you are there - switch to a eco-friendly laundry detergent too!

Ocean Safe

An estimated 4,000 metric tons of sunscreen washes off swimmers’ bodies annually, and synthetic sunscreen ingredients have been implicated in damaging our coral reefs and aquatic life. Take care of our oceans (and your skin) with reef-safe SPF that is free from Oxybenzone, Para-aminobenzoic Acid and Octocrylene, the main ingredients implicatedin reef damage.


Switch your plastic brushes for scourers and brushes made from sustainably farmed coconut husks - they work and are biodegradable. Swap single use plastic wrap for fabric beeswax wraps - they work just the same but can be reused over and over again. And don’t leave the house without a reusable shopper and organic cotton produce bags, which can hold everything from rice to veg.

If you are determined like us, to reduce your environmental impact, call by our Marylebone store to browse our zero-waste products, biodegradable skincare and organic, vintage and recycled clothing.


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