Fitness Tips from Shona Vertue
Fitness Tips from Shona Vertue
4th Jan, 2016

In January we are all ready to start off on the right foot, how can we make sure that the routine we establish is for the long term?        

The best way to ensure sustainability of anything is primarily that you enjoy it! Often we see health and fitness as punishment for unhealthy choices in life. This just sets us up for failure because who would willingly want to punish themselves for a whole year? Find a regime that is both challenging AND fun.

How often should we be exercising and for how long each day?    

This really depends on the rest of your life and life activities. Some people are on their feet all day and others are sat at desks. I definitely suggest movement everyday, because if you have a functioning body - why wouldn't you celebrate that with some form of exercise? However, over training is a real thing and I do believe that you shouldn't need any more than 45-50 minutes for a decent, whole body workout.

Should we vary our exercises from week to week or should we stick to the same routine?

That depends on your goals slightly, however I recommend that for results based training you actually follow a programme that changes only after 3-4 weeks. This allows for the strength and fitness adaptations in the body to occur and for you to track that progression. 

Routine is good, but only for about 3-4 weeks - then you need to make a little change. This change could be lifting slightly heavier weights, a slightly more complex exercise, more reps, less rest between exercises etc. (usually changing only one variable at a time).


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Sunset Sweats with Detox Kitchen

We have made it our mission this summer to get more people exercising outdoors, reaping the benefits of al fresco workouts in a relaxed and social environment. As such we have pulled together a 10-session series, ranging from yoga, pilates, HIIT and even trampolining. Kicking off the series on July 5th is Lottie Murphy, pilates instructor and holistic health coach. Also on the agenda is Adidas ambassador Zanna van Dijk, Hollie Grant (Founder of The Model Method) and ((BOUNCE)).

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