Matcha Coming At Cha!
Matcha Coming At Cha!
27th Nov, 2014

There is no matcha when it comes to this green tea! We are now stocking this Japanese superelixir at our Kingly Street deli, try it as a smoothie booster or as a delicious matcha latte and enjoy it's wonderous health benefits...

Antioxidant Power

Matcha is unrivalled in terms of its antioxidant content; even blueberries and spinach can’t compete. When we drink matcha tea, we are actually consuming the leaf itself, not just brewed water. And although matcha’s leaf might be green to the eye, it’s pure gold for the body because it is so nutrient-dense; so much so, that it would take 10 glasses of normal brewed green tea to reap the benefits that just 1 glass of matcha provides. And what’s more, matcha tea contains some of the most powerful antioxidants out there. It is full of EGCg, which is cancer fighting.

Brain Power and Energy

For years, Japanese monks have used Matcha to help them meditate and it’s about time that we take a leaf out of their book. Matcha contains an impressive amount of L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that induces a state of relaxed alertness, increases our concentration and improves our mood. But that’s not all, you might put down your coffee cup as you read this because L-Theanine works with the caffeine in Matcha to also provide us with a lasting energy boost.

Fat Burner and Detoxifier

When it comes to being lean and clean, it certainly helps to go green. Matcha has been found to speed up our metabolism and burn fat without elevating our blood pressure or heart rate. What’s more is that matcha is an incredible detoxifier. It is loaded with chlorophyll, which cleanses the body and rids it of toxins and heavy metals.

The Lowdown on Fibre

OK, let’s face it, fibre is never going to be the sexiest of topics in the world of nutrition but it’s still one of the most beneficial for our health. We spoke to Nutritionist Rob Hosbon about the importance of fibre and how we can get more of it into our daily routine.

Coffee Shop Snacks and Hidden Sugars

This weekend The Sunday Times reported that Brits are unknowingly consuming their entire day’s allowance of sugar with breakfast items from popular chains such as Pret a Manger. Have you been falling prey to these hidden sugars?

Eating Clean Doesn't Have to be Dirty

Recently there has been a backlash against the idea of healthy eating and those who encourage it, no doubt due to an overcrowded market with mixed messages. “Is fat our friend or foe!?” “Will I be committing a cardinal sin if I eat meat on a Monday!?”. So we've written up our top tips for staying grounded when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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