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16 Mar, 2020

Customer Profile: A Mother & Daughter Special

There's nothing we love more than hearing your stories about how you've introduced our food to a loved one. Here we caught up with one of our lovely mother & daughter customer duos. Over to Jerilynn (mother) & Julie (daughter).


Firstly, how would you introduce yourself in one sentence, and what is it that you do?

Julie: I'm an ex-pat who is new to London and new to motherhood -- I'm loving both!

Jerilynn: I am Julie's mom and live in the United States.

Who introduced who to Detox Kitchen, and why?

Julie: Soho House had a write up on it. It seemed like a great fit for me as I wanted to get back into shape and simplify meals / maximise my time!

We’d love to know how you use our service – what it means to you, what makes you think “I need some Detox Kitchen food in my life”? Do you both order our food at the same time or use our service separately?

Julie: I absolutely love what a no-brainer it is, each morning everything you need for the day arrives. Within the first day I always feel more energized and feel less heavy/bloated which is super important when chasing around a young baby and simultaneously trying to work from home. It helps you get back on track if needed and resets your mind to portion sizing/intake. My mom knew how much I loved it and the success I had with weight loss from it so when she visits we like to do it together! I actually had my mother in law try it on her recent visit - it is such a wonderful way to bring consciousness to snacking and the impact of dairy and gluten on how you feel. The option to add dinners makes doing a cleanse more social as we could order for my husband/father in law and still have dinner together! They were pleasantly surprised by how great the meals were!

Jerilynn: I loved doing the detox with Julie. Everything we had was very healthy and tasty. What I found very interesting was the variety of vegetables and protein, plus how satisfied you feel. Your packaging and delivery was so professional and organised.

How would you say our food (if indeed it has) affected you mentally, physically and emotionally? Did you notice any tangible results?

Julie: Absolutely! Even with the 3 day cleanse I lose 1-2 kg. The biggest benefit is how I edit my diet after a detox - I did not realize the impact certain food groups had on my energy and jean size! Not having to shop and not dining out really offsets the price! The option to add a dinner is brilliant and makes it simple to do a cleanse and take care of my husband's dinner all in one!

Jerilynn: I felt like I had great energy during the week.

What do you enjoy about our service?

Julie: Everything! You save time, I feel great and I lose weight!

Jerilynn: It was fun to try your program with Julie. It was an extra special bonding experience and fun to lose a few couple pounds together. Thank you for this opportunity to have creative and healthy meals.

And finally, what’s your favourite Detox Kitchen dish?

Julie: The banana bread with almond butter. Hands down. I bought the cookbook just so I could replicate it!

Jerilynn: The dessert treats and juices were very good and a highlight for me!