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04 Mar, 2024

Female Faces of the Brand: Clementine Pellew-Harvey

Allow us to introduce Clemmie, one of our admirable ambassadors... This International Women's Day, we are celebrating all the wonderful women we work with; we are taking this opportunity to introduce you to some of the fabulous female faces behind the brand. This week, we are also launching a special IWD recipe booklet, featuring a collection of delicious recipes from top female chefs and will be donating to Women for Women International. Read on for more information or to get your hands on the recipe booklet.


My name is Clementine Pellew-Harvey and I'm a certified Nutritional Therapist. I received my training from The College of Naturopathic Medicine and am a member of BANT. I have worked with a broad range of clients, from high-profile and high-net-worth individuals to ordinary people looking to achieve optimal health. Currently, I work as head of the nutrition clinic for The Kyros Project at Google DeepMind. I also have my own online platform where I offer private consultations to clients who are looking to lead a healthier life.

As a Nutritional Therapist, my main objective is to identify the underlying causes of symptoms and illnesses and then inspire my clients to adopt healthy habits that can lead to optimal health in the long run. I strongly believe that taking care of both our mental and physical health is crucial for overall well-being. What I love most is educating people about the importance of nutrition and guiding them towards making the right food choices. This enables them to develop a healthy relationship with food, better understand their bodies, and ultimately lead a happy and fulfilling life full of energy and vitality.

I am very proud to be in a partnership with Detox Kitchen. Our shared mission is to encourage people to consume delicious, nutritious, and wholesome food that supports their wellness goals and to make healthy eating more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What inspires you?

I'm inspired by my own desire to feel the best I can, which is why I began training at CNM. I'm constantly motivated by the people I work with, witnessing my clients achieve their goals, reading, listening to great podcasts, attending seminars and wellness events, and continuously learning. I'll be studying nutrition for the rest of my life.

What does your day usually look like?

Every day starts at around 6am with my morning routine, which includes journaling with a big cup of herbal tea. My six-year-old daughter, Pia has also started joining me in this routine, which is a lovely and calming way to start the day. I avoid screen-time in the morning because I find it to be a bit of a mood-zapper. After my journaling, I make breakfast for Pia, which usually consists of eggs and a protein-packed smoothie. I am very particular about setting her up for the day because I have no idea how much she eats at school. Once I drop Pia off at school, my working day begins. During the first hour, I usually go through my emails or attend brand meetings as I am working on several exciting collaborations at the moment. After that, I'll cycle over to the gym for a workout. After that, i'll then head to my clinic at Google DeepMind where I spend the day seeing 1:1 clients. When I'm not running clinics, I spend my time writing up nutrition plans or creating content for my own platform and brands. In the evenings, I like to relax at home with my partner and daughter. For dinner, I usually make something quick and easy since I'm usually quite tired by then. Currently, I'm trying to eat earlier in the evening so that my digestive system has time to rest overnight and I have found that this makes a huge difference. My partner, Jamie is obsessed with his sleep and has got us both into a really good routine of going to bed super early, which I am here for! So on school nights, we're in bed by 9/9:30pm at the latest.

What is your daily non-negotiable?

Some form of movement and my supplements.

3 wellness tips/habits you swear by...

  1. Add fresh herbs to everything - it can increase the nutrient density of your meal by over 150%!
  2. Eating a handful of blueberries after a meal to eliminate sugar spikes - it really works.
  3. A boring one, but drinking enough water. You'd be amazed at how many symptoms can be avoided if we just hydrated ourselves a bit more.

What is your favourite cuisine?

Thai or Vietnamese.

Your favourite DK meal?

I really enjoy the 3-Day Reset Meal Plan because it not only tastes delicious but also helps improve my gut health. I have tried several meal delivery companies in the past, but they have often left me disappointed. However, Detox Kitchen's meals are full of flavour, and I am always impressed with the quality and levels of nutrients packed into each meal.

If you're interested in trying the 3-Day Reset, you can get it for free when you purchase my new 1:1 Nutrition Program (limited availability!) - Get it here.

Dish or recipe you make most often?

I have been making a lot of coconut lentil curries recently because they're so versatile. I love being able to toss in loads of ingredients to create a nutritious and delicious meal. They are also great to make in bulk and freeze. Death row dinner? Probably a really good family roast dinner.

What is your favourite form of movement?

I have always loved strength training because it has so many benefits for me, physically but mainly mentally. I also spent a year doing CrossFit, which took my fitness to another level. I also recently discovered reformer pilates (pretty late to the party, I know) but wow - what is a life-changing form of movement and something that perfectly complements my other workouts.

What is your favourite quote or mantra?

Most people have no idea how good they are meant to feel.

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The recipe in Detox Kitchen's IWD Recipe Guide is from my March Recipe Pack which you can get for free with my monthly newsletter - it includes over 30 breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. You can access the March Recipe pack here in case you wanted to use a different recipe. The calories and macro-breakdowns are included in each recipe.