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14 Dec, 2022

Meet Our Movement Expert Jade

Meet Jade, a Wellbeing Coach and Personal Trainer, Interior Architect and brand experience Specialist. Jade’s goal is to help you live at your optimum. To thrive through movement and explore how moving your body makes you feel. Believing in the powerful connection of the mind, body and soul and how training holistically can transform your wellbeing. And how being well from within and the space around you, can have a positive impact on you and your personal brand.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a Personal Trainer and Coach, and I believe in the power of conscious wellbeing to help you to live at your optimum, to thrive in your everyday life and throughout life’s colourful seasons. Fitness and Wellness is a huge part of my life and my personal transformation, as well as spirituality. Sharing this with others and helping them with their own personal journey is a big part of my purpose, is hugely fulfilling and brings incredible amounts of joy.

2. What do you stand for?

Compassion, kindness, positivity, self-belief, integrity and the knowledge that you can do anything you set your mind too! Seeing your mind, body and soul holistically as one and leveraging the gifts and strength of all three, helping you to live whole and to live well.

3. What is your take on health and wellbeing?

It is an integral part of living and a non-negotiable that helps you to live a whole life. Embracing your health and wellbeing journey, the challenges and the non-linear steps to not just survive and exist but to thrive and flourish. Choosing to own your health and wellbeing including movement, nutrition, sleep and your mental wellness to feel the best that you can and that you can control, every day.


1. Favourite dish?

Anything with Salmon, partnered with lots of colours!

2. Favourite ingredient?

Seasoning in all varieties

3. Favourite type of movement?

This is so hard to choose just one! I have to go with three - mobility and stretching, strength training and running. And of course, resistance riding (spinning) which is a big tick in my strength and endurance box.

4. Favourite song?

Also, very hard to choose one but I'll go with Everybody by Anthony Hamilton.

5. Your daily non-negotiable habit?

Taking meditation moments when needed, to ground and re-centre self. Waking gratitude and intention setting for the day, before I get out of bed. Mentally listing 5 gratitude's at the end of the day - I find there’s usually more than 5 once I start!

6. Favourite package/dish?

My favourite dish is the Black Dahl with Salmon for sure :) 'The Black Dahl with Salmon is one of my favourite dishes for sure! Not only is it delicious and filling, it is packed full of protein to support my active lifestyle and day to day as a coach and personal trainer. Easily a weekly staple!'

Find out more about Jade and her work here. And be sure to join us for Jade's energising workouts hosted on our Instagram page! Follow us for all info on each class.