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10 Nov, 2022

Meet our nutrition expert, Phoebe

Meet Phoebe, Nutritional Therapist and Clinical Director, plus award winning product and recipe developer. Key to Phoebe’s approach is a passion to educate and empower us all to understand how the dietary choices we make impact our health and wellbeing, in addition to the health of our planet. We all deserve to own the tools to keep us optimally well and with her years of clinical experience she has honed a particular way of making the often complex and confusing world of ‘healthy’ easy to understand, and feasible in the long term. Every mouthful can matter, we can all eat brilliantly without sacrificing on the things we enjoy, and Phoebe very much wants to show us all how!


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

So I’m Phoebe, I run my own Nutritional Therapy practice seeing clients 1:1, I also work as a Nutritional Consultant for brands doing everything from NPD to PR work, and I really love what I do. On a personal level I class myself as an extroverted introvert. I very much enjoy being with people and find new experiences really exciting but I will then need plenty of quiet time to walk my dog, swim, cook, and recharge myself. Live music, theatre and ballet are huge passions of mine, and although I was born and still live in Central London there is a significant part of me that yearns for the clarity of the countryside so I try to dash out and back whenever I have the chance.

2. What do you stand for?

Many things! But my main driving force is a passionate belief that everyone deserves to understand how to look after themselves in full. It’s long been an established idea that you seek the advice of professionals and potentially take what they suggest as gospel, now this is not denying there are a great many experts out there who are indeed correct in their guidance but there is also a huge amount of personalisation that gets missed in this process. Within my clinical work and the consultancy I do alongside this I aim to educate all who will listen as to how they can critically analyze the health suggestions out there and tailor them to their individual situation, preferences and requirements.

3. What is your take on health and wellbeing?

That it is an incredibly personal thing, and that it is also a sum of collective parts which will evolve over time with different things serving that person at different times of years, stages in their life etc. Food is obviously an integral part of this equation for me as how we nourish ourselves is fundamental to how well our body can function and thus how well we feel, but there are so many other facets. Everything from finding ways to be more in tune with your physical surroundings by taking time outside everyday, having real life conversations with different people away from technology, prioritising sleep, and challenging yourself physically and intellectually are all being examples.


1. Favourite dish?

Something boringly simple like fried eggs with lots of herbs on toast, or a Mediterranean style mezze of falafel, hummus, salads etc. I am very much an omnivore but with a pescatarian preference so if I was going out to eat then a beautiful grilled fish dish with salsa verde and scrummy veg would tend to be my pick.

2. Favourite ingredient?

Fresh herbs, there is nothing that is not enhanced by these guys!

3. Favourite type of movement?

Swimming, or reformer pilates

4. Favourite song?

I think this is probably the hardest question of them all! I am a huge musical magpie and my taste in music literally flip flops depending on my mood. As an example my current Spotify top played are Ben Bohmer, Parra for Cuva, Halsey, Borns, Karnaval Blues and Kasbo. Make of that kaleidoscope what you will!

5. Your daily non-negotiable habit?

Time in nature + some form of physical activity. Whatever the weather I have to go outside and be in the fresh air somewhere with greenery, and I have to move my body. Yes they will probably intertwine but for the amount of mental energy I exert each day with my work I have to match this with physical movement or I end up feeling like the 2 aspects of my being are totally out of whack which can become anxiety, frustration, or just generally not my happiest best self.

6. Favourite package/dish of ours?

My pick would be the protein cleanse, and the current dish choice would be the Turkey 3 bean chilli.