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24 Nov, 2022

Meet Our Sleep Expert Rob

Meet Rob, qualified Nutrionist, with BSc (Nutrition), PGDip (Applied Sports Nutrition), MSc (Public Health Nutrition), Registered Nutritionist (AFN) and Registered Sports Nutritionist (SENR). Rob draws on the knowledge he has gained from his own journey with sleep and nutritional expertise to deliver personal, practical guidance on the art of sleeping. He breaks this down into the acronym of BED - Behaviour, Environment and Diet - to help treat sleep deprivation and inform on the essentiality of sleep for long-term health.


1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m essentially a bit of a dork! I love reading and have to be constantly learning something new regularly to avoid getting bored. I have also really struggled with sleep in the past which is why I chose to write a book on the topic. I thrive on keeping fit in whatever form that takes and have a very competitive nature. I have also been around the block and gathered many life experiences which means I never judge and hope it helps me to connect with a wider audience to offer help.

2. What do you stand for?

My upbringing, life experiences and nutrition training always influence my work and the way I engage with people. I think kindness is the best quality in a person. Work-wise I use my training and experience to try and deliver something that can be used and understood by anyone regardless of their background or lifestyle. I always try to get my wellness industry clients to think of the wider audience which nutrition-wise means a realistic approach that reflects food cost, availability, taste preference, time and cooking skills. Regarding sleep, listening to people and understanding their lifestyle is key.

3. What is your take on health and wellbeing?

One word - consistency. I guarantee if you can establish a way of eating, keeping active and sleeping that is realistically achievable long-term then you will reap the most benefits. Quick fixes almost always set you up for failure.


1. Favourite dish?

Sunday roast of course!

2. Favourite ingredient?

Chilli. I love the fact that there are so many varieties including fresh, dried and pastes. I pretty much add chilli of some sort to most of my food.

3. Favourite type of movement?

Yoga. I have been doing hot yoga for quite a few years now and I team it with weight training in the gym. As I get older I understand the importance of flexibility and mobility and yoga helps you to maintain this while weight training helps to maintain muscle mass and bone density. Yoga has also been a godsend to help me manage my mental health and sleep issues.

4. Favourite song?

More than my interest in food, music has been an obsessive passion since a really young age which makes this question almost impossible to answer. Our favourite songs are almost always associated with a meaningful moment in our life. So, I am going to say Annie’s Song by John Denver which is absolutely beautiful both musically and lyrically and it was my wedding song. One of my other all time favourites is the song Gorecki by Lamb - stunning track that reminds me of moving to Brighton in the mid ’90’s and everything that era represented. It always gives my that warm, gushy, contended feeling that only music has the ability to do to you. Sorry, did I say I was really passionate about music!

5. Your daily non-negotiable habit?

Definitely my first coffee of the day! I’m an early riser and I love nothing more that that first coffee at 6am. It’s so quiet at that time of day and my mind is completely clear. Sipping that nurturing cup of coffee this time of day is a gold dust experience.

6. Favourite plan and dish of ours?

So my favourite plan is the Active Maintain. Mainly as this meets my training needs.

My favourite dish which is on Fridge Fills is the Coconut Dal. Dal is my ultimate comfort food so great for the winter months. I try to include plenty if lentils, beans and pulses in my diet as I am trying to go more plant based. These foods are a good source of protein but also high in minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium. Magnesium especially as it can help with sleep by increasing GABA which is a neurotransmitter that helps to quieten down nerve activity which can drive anxiety driven thoughts.

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