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09 Mar, 2016

We Speak to... Madeleine Shaw

Girl of the moment Madeleine Shaw speaks to us about the best ways to escape the stresses of the big city, as well as how by learning to listen to her body and nourish it with balanced foods she started to feel so much more alive.


Tell us your back-story in a nutshell?

When I lived in Sydney a few years ago, everything changed. My whole approach to healthy living was reinvented. I was suffering with terrible IBS that was really uncomfortable and interfering with my personal life. No pill or doctor could fix it. I started working in an organic café and it changed everything and my relationship to food. I began actually listening to my body and nourishing it with balanced foods and I started to feel so much more alive. I started including proper protein, fats and veggies and that’s when I got so inspired and have created my blog which has led to my two books Get the Glow and Ready, Steady Glow.

Have you always wanted to be a yoga instructor?

Yes, it’s always been a dream of mine. It’s something I enjoy so much and it’s lovely to share it to other people. The more people teaching the more yoga gets out to the world and the message spreads.

In your experience what do you think the biggest benefits of practicing yoga are?

Yoga is more than just an exercise routine. It connects my mind, body and soul. Yoga develops strength both inside and outside of my body and it’s the perfect balance between exercise and mindfulness. London is such a stressful city and yoga is a great way to escape from that.

What are your favourite pre and post workout snacks?

Pre workout I tend to have something light so as not to be too hard on my digestion or make me feel nauseous, something like a green juice is great for a flood of good energy before a yoga class. Post workout I love to combine a bit of protein with fat so my energy balls are great for a quick fix that’s also long-lasting. It does depend what exercise you’re doing though.

And finally, tell us your life philosophy in one sentence?

Eat well, smile more.