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08 Jul, 2023

How to make the next half of the year even better

This week marks halfway through the year, and what a year it’s been so far! Let’s all come together and lift each other up to make the next half of the year the best it can be - this is our time to make a difference and your time to BE MORE YOU. Scroll for some simple steps on how to improve your wellbeing and feel amazing for the rest of the year.


Prioritise Your Body

It’s the simple tools that we hark back to again and again that really make a difference. Here’s our 3 top tips to feel good in our body every. single. day.

  1. Count nutrients not calories. Make sure half our plates are made up of vegetables, or fruits, in 3 different colours for each meal. Discover our bank of recipes that put plants at the forefront of every plate.
  2. Leave 3 hours in between finishing your last meal of the day and sleeping to maximise your window of fasting between meals and promote better sleep.
  3. Start the day with 10-45 minutes of movement: exercise class, an energising HIIT, pilates routine, yoga flow or walk round the block.

And if we are to extend those to tips we follow every month, here’s what we suggest:

  1. Try 4-6 new vegetables or plant food every week, to keep your gut microbiome thriving and maintaining an exciting palate. Here’s why. If you would prefer someone to do the work for you, our meal plans do exactly that. And taste delicious too!
  2. Try a new form of movement every month to exercise different muscles and push yourself out of your comfort zone, both physically and mentally.
  3. Try intermittent fasting for one week a month, or more, aiming for a window of 16+ hours between your last and first meal to maximise your longterm health benefits. (If you are in your menstruation phase, we suggest not fasting during the week of your period. Here's more on eating with your cycle.) Throughout this week, try and eliminate sugar, caffeine and alcohol for an optimal health reset and cleansing benefits. If you struggle with the time to plan and cook, we suggest ordering one of our 3-Day Resets or Soup Cleanses once a month to guide you through a restorative 3 days of intermittent fasting in the most delicious way possible!

Prioritise Your Mind

Again, cultivating simple, sustainable rituals for your mind that you feel capable of following every day will help stabilize your mood and serve long lasting health benefits. Here are our top daily tips:

  1. Reserve at least 5 minutes every morning and 5 minutes every night to spend on skincare. This is a moment to yourself spend doing nothing else that can be as simple as massaging your face with your hands or a cloth or applying your favourite skincare. Whilst you do this, allow your thoughts to come and go freely. Notice them, acknowledge them and let them pass. This simple meditative practice is transformative in grounding the mind and will help strengthen your intuition.
  2. Spend 10 minutes a day reading a book of choice. Reading is the best way to wind down whilst also actively learning and developing your brain.
  3. Your mental health is directly linked to your cognitive health. Optimise your cognitive development by making sure you get as many essential nutrients every day, and try and cut down on caffeine, alcohol and sugar as much as possible. If don’t have the time or energy to focus enough on your nutrition, our meal plans will serve you all the nutrients you need to optimise your cognitive health and development. All freshly made, ready-to-eat and delicious. You should feel the transformation from as little as 10 days. We suggest also reading this book by Dr. Daniel Amen on the link between psychology and cognitive health: How to Change Your Brain Everyday.

And when it comes to tips we try and follow every month:

  1. Focus one day a week, 4 days a month entirely on connection. Much research has proven that connection is key to happiness. Whether that be reconnecting with friends, family, meeting up with someone new, dating, joining a community or group workshop, volunteering at a charitable event, facetiming a loved one for 30 minutes or more. Here’s an interesting podcast on the importance of connection for humanity.
  2. When you feel anxious, worried or stressed, resort to breathwork to help you get through it and feel calmer and in control. You can start with this simple breathwork exercise, led by mind coach Sarah Elliot.
  3. Spend a moment each month writing something down to keep the right side of your brain active. Journaling is an obvious one, but trying experimenting with poetry, prose, a letter to someone you love, a letter to yourself, an article or speech on something you’re passionate about, a memory, a stream of consciousness. For an extra challenge, try learning and writing this in another language! Here’s the science behind how learning a language can supercharge your brain.
  4. Bonus tip: If you struggle with life/work balance, try time blocking. Here’s a useful guide on time blocking.

For more on our fresh, healthy deliveries to help you feel lighter and brighter day to day, click here.