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08 Apr, 2021

Optimising Your Cleanse With Presscription

With a lot of conflicting messaging out there around cleansing, we want to equip you with the knowledge to approach it in an effective but safe way. This guest blog post penned for us by Presscription details how to maximise results from a cleanse, and why our meal plans are a match made in heaven to support a juice cleanse. They've also included a special 20% discount voucher below.


A juice cleanse can be a challenge mentally, especially if you’re new to it or aren’t used to imposing such strict rules on your diet. Focussing on your diet around doing a juice cleanse can help to ensure optimum cleansing benefits and rejuvenation. Here's how:

Before ...

Ideally, you don’t want to shock your body too much by eating a burger one day and then starting a cleanse the next. You will reap a greater reward by easing yourself in gently. A few days before you start your cleanse try cutting out all processed foods from your diet and focusing on eating lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds plus good quality protein.

It’s also sensible, if you’re a caffeine addict, to decrease your consumption of caffeine before you start your cleanse as a few days with no coffee or tea could be a real shock to the system and make it harder for you to stick to your cleanse if you suddenly go cold turkey.

It is also sensible to cut out alcohol a few days before your cleanse too, and make sure that instead you’re drinking at least 2 litres of pure water a day.

As dairy foods can be mucus forming, we recommend that you try plant based alternatives to dairy foods pre and post cleanse.

Essentially, eat simple meals that are easy to digest, free of refined sugars and carbohydrates and full of leafy and cruciferous vegetables.

(DK: Our meal plans would be the perfect start to help you cut out caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars. Our juices and shots help hydrate, whilst our meals are perfectly portioned and packed with plant-based and nutrient-dense foods. We suggest beginning with our lighter cleanses, such as the Green or Green with Protein Cleanse.)


The longer the cleanse you’ve done, the more careful you should be about easing yourself back into a normal routine. If you’ve cleansed for 3 or 5 days then spend the first day or so post cleanse eating easy-to-digest foods, lots of vegetables and fruit and maintaining your habit of drinking water with lemon in the morning. If you’ve done a one day cleanse it’s still important to not just reach for the heaviest, richest thing on the menu but to opt for a plant based option instead, but it will likely take you less time to readjust to solid food again. Regardless of how long you’ve cleansed for, you’ve just given your body a bit of a spring clean - it would be a shame to spoil this with overly processed foods, heavy animal produce or excessive amounts of sugar.

A sample day’s eating could be some fresh fruit and plant based yoghurt for breakfast, some vegetable soup and salad for lunch and some quinoa and roasted vegetables with leafy greens for supper. Snacking on nuts and seeds and drinking plenty of water is also advisable.

(DK: We would recommend either our Vegan or Protein Cleanse to follow your juice cleanse. This contains predominantly plant-based ingredients, with balanced portions of protein, whole grain carbohydrates and healthy fats in all meals and snacks.)

Pairing a food cleanse with a juice cleanse is a great way to give the body a fresh start. For a period of between 24 hours and seven days, solid foods are replaced with Presscripion’s specially designed nutrient rich cold-pressed juices, which allows the digestive system to rest, reboot and detoxify. Presscription Juices offer a range of nutritionist designed juice plans to help you reset and kickstart a healthier balanced lifestyle.

Unlike most brands, Presscription Juices are 100% raw, fresh, organic and unpasteurised. All juices are made to order for each customer and never frozen or HPP'd (high pressure pasteurised) to retain the maximum nutrition. The juices are also packaged in glass bottles to ensure they can be 100% recycled or reused!

Offer: Claim an exclusive 20% off your first juice cleanse using the code 'detoxkitchen20'. *New customers only. One use per customer. Offer ends 31/05/2021.