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16 May, 2022

The two steps of cleansing

Why a juice cleanse and whole foods cleanse go hand in hand: meet our new 5-Day Juice+ plan.


Why cleanse?

There are many reasons why we should look to a cleanse every so often, the prime motives mainly being, to reduce inflammation, to give our digestive systems a break, to lift us out of a lethargic state, to help clear a mental block, to help with weight management, to boost our energy and many more. Our cleanses are built to deliver fast results, whilst also encouraging long-term benefits and sustained healthy habits. Juicing on its own, whilst effective, is only fully optimised if it is followed with wholesome, plant-based foods, which is why we have partnered with Presscription to bring you:

- 2 x days of juicing paired with …

- 3 x days of intermittent fasting with balanced, nutritious whole foods.

The ultimate cleansing bundle for both effective and efficient, as well as lasting outcomes.

Step 1: Kickstart your healthy lifestyle through juicing

First, we juice.

Presscription will deliver 2 x days of their fresh, zingy & vibrant cold-pressed juices straight to your doorstep. Why cold-pressed? ​​Cold-pressed juices contain an abundance of fruits and vegetables that are packed with essential nutrients. Combining and cold-pressing them into drinkable juices allows you to intake way more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than you usually would whilst regular juicers tend to have higher antioxidant levels in their blood.

Juicing for these 2 days will give your digestive system a well-deserved break and will fill your body with an abundance of bioavailable nutrients that get directly absorbed into your stomach lining. If you’re struggling with leaky gut syndrome - juicing is a great way to control your symptoms. What’s more, the juices will flush your system of the toxins it’s holding which can help kickstart a sustainable journey of weight loss.

Step 2: Sustain your healthy lifestyle with a whole foods cleanse

But we don’t stop there.

You will then receive a fresh, new delivery of 3 x days of our healthy, nutritionally-balanced, delicious meals as well as juices. This is to ensure that following your juice cleanse, you are still filling your body with the right kind of ingredients to allow your body to adjust to sustaining a healthier lifestyle and to give it the time and energy to repair damaged cells and tissue. This means consuming a mixture of cold-pressed juices and predominantly plant based whole foods, using only unrefined ingredients, free from dairy and gluten (which can trigger inflammation) and low in sugar.

And following these 3 days, you won’t want to stop there anyway. We hope these 5 days will set you up for long-term success by showing you the joys and effects of cleansing your body and filling it with all the essential nutrients that just happen to be delicious and nourishing too.

Tips to take on after the cleanse:

Continue to ease slowly back into a lifestyle that suits you. Don’t shock your body by immediately resorting to rich, heavy foods. If you want to reap the benefits of the cleanse for as long as possible, always fill your fridge and pantry with all the fresh and exciting plant foods that you have discovered on the cleanse. Try to minimise your caffeine intake, as well as processed food & drinks, sugars, meat, gluten & dairy so as not to counteract the effects of the cleanse. Opt for 10 + veg a day, swap out one of your coffees for a herbal tea or decaf alternative (see here), choose plant based or lean protein such as turkey, chicken, salmon, trout or prawns, grains or complex carbohydrates, and a portion of fresh fruit or 85%+ dark chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Try our 5-Day Juice+ here, available with both Vegan and Protein options, from £226+.