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01 Jun, 2015

Three Things We're Adding This Week

June is here - it's officially summer! For many of us a new month means a fresh start for a healthy journey. Let's celebrate the warmer weeks to come and add something healthy to our lifestyle - restriction not included! Here are our three healthy things we're adding to our diets and lifestyle this week.


Here at The Detox Kitchen we’re big advocates on adding to your diet and lifestyle rather than cutting out! Balance in life is key, and being told to ditch the things you love completely will have negative affects in the long-run – focus on adding to your health, not restricting!

The 3 things we’re adding this week:

  1. Preparation

It’s so easy coming home from work, grabbing that tin of baked beans and throwing a potato into the oven. This week make a new a goal and take an hour out of your day each Sunday for food prep. This is the key to a successful healthy lifestyle! Write a shopping list with delicious, seasonal and nutritious foods that will make meals. This will keep you on track knowing what your meal plan for the day will be and you’ll stay clear from processed, packaged foods.

  1. Rest

The early-morning commute, staying on top of work and running around after your kids are all factors that contribute to a busy lifestyle! Take a few minutes at the end of your day to totally switch off and relax. Rest is so important for the mind and also for your body. Slow down and relax!

  1. Add a new healthy grain to your diet

Get inspired this week with a new ingredient to add to your shopping list. Grains like buckwheat, quinoa and pearl barely are all delicious alternatives to rice and pasta. Throw in some fresh herbs, seeds and a squeeze of lemon juice and there you have a quick and easy base to add to your protein of choice! Try our Quinoa, Fennel and Tomato Salad for a refreshing and healthy dinner option.