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Ultimate Reset Green with Protein

Grain-free, plant-based meals accompanied by lean protein, with supporting gifts. A great low-carb option for those wanting quick results.

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    1200 cals

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    20 days

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Ultimate Reset Green with Protein


20 days of Detox Kitchen food delivered directly to your door every day, as well as supporting gifts to help support with your holistic reset.

Our programme takes care of all of the planning, making it easier for you to stick to and form lasting, healthy habits. The gifts come at no extra cost to the meal programme, and include:

  • S’well 500ml insulated drinks bottle
  • Papier hard-back 2020 diary
  • Voucher for 3 classes at Frame
  • £50 gift card to spend at Ernest Leoty (female, minimum spend £80) or Iffley Road (male)
  • 30-day supply of Form Nutrition’s ZZZZ's supplement
  • Piglet in Bed Wheat Eye Pillow
  • Earl of East London x Detox Kitchen ‘Jardin De La Lune’ candle
  • Susanne Kaufmann 100ml Oil Bath for the Senses
  • Total value of gifts is approximately £225.

Enjoy an energising combination of free-range meat, sustainably sourced fish and nutrient-rich vegetable based dishes, delivered to your door. Entirely grain-free.

Our food is always fresh and produced by chefs in our London kitchen, with recipe inspiration taken from across the world.

What's in the box?

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pudding, plus 2 juices, 2 shots, 1 tea bag and 1 nut pot
  • You will receive all of your complimentary gifts with your first delivery
  • 1,200 calories per day
  • Green vegetables sit alongside 50g lean protein per day
  • All meat is free-range and fish is sustainably sourced
  • Low in carbohydrates & suitable for a Paleo diet
  • Always dairy, refined sugar and wheat free
  • Must order for 20 days
  • Available from £35.70 per day

Extra Information

On our suppliers

Our fresh fruit and veg supplier are a family-run business who select the pick of the crop from the UK and Europe, to provide us with the highest quality produce. We aim for 70% UK sourcing, as we believe locally grown produce is not only better for the environment, but is tastier and more nutritious too.

All our eggs come from Stonegate farm in Wiltshire, they are free-range, Soil Association certified organic and have the Red Lion stamp for animal welfare standard.

Our meat supplier is a family run butchers based in the City. All of the chicken they supply us with is free range and reared in the UK. The majority comes from Caldecott’s farm in Worcestershire who are a SALSA approved ethical, passionate and committed farmers producing high welfare, free range turkey and chicken. The chickens are guaranteed the highest levels of animal welfare and are given no routine drugs or growth promoters, they are reared on a cereal grain and fresh grass that they have free access to. We are really proud to work with such a dedicated and thoughtful farm.

On our packaging

Making the most sustainable choices is very important to us, which is why we’ve found a packaging solution that has 95% less plastic content than traditional takeaway containers. Our lunches and dinners are packaged inside Kraft paper containers, which are made from a renewable source, are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. They have a thin recyclable PET lining inside, and the film seal lids are made of PLA which is plant-based, biodegradable and compostable and doesn’t contain any plastic. All other packaging is either made of 100% recyclable PET plastic (juice bottles) or sugar cane pulp (biodegradable, compostable and recyclable) with PET plastic lids (recyclable).

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