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07 Dec, 2015

Cucumber, pear, kale, wheatgrass & mint juice

Smoothies and juices are a really easy way to boost your daily nutrient intake and should form a welcome addition to your diet. We like to make this quick but also really tasty green juice in the morning if we know that we are going to be rushing around all day and will need an extra lift.



Food Processor


2 cucumbers
2 pears, washed and halved
200g kale
1 tsp high quality wheatgrass powder
1 handful mint leaves
2 ice cubes
Squeeze of lemon


The fresh cucumbers with the nutrient dense wheatgrass are a great pick-me-up during the day, and the mint adds that extra light, clean taste. Placing the kale in the blender rather than juicing it preserves more of the nutrients and gives the juice a thicker texture and brighter green colour.

  1. Put the cucumber and pear through the juicer.
  2. Pour this juice into the blender and add the kale, wheatgrass powder, mint, ice and lemon juice. Blitz until smooth.