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Anna Jones x Detox Kitchen ARE BACK

This summer, we have come together again with beloved chef, Anna Jones, to bring 5 of Anna's loved dishes, bursting with flavour and vibrancy, to our menu. Discover and enjoy plant-based meals that are abundant, satisfying and delicious.

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Food that will leave you feeling great

With the recent release of Anna's joyous cookbook 'Easy Wins', it seemed a no brainer to come together again and celebrate a love of seasonal cooking and putting veg at the centre of our plates. We are delighted to announce that we have brought back the most popular dishes to date from our last collaboration. Rediscover 5 nourishing and delicious plant-based meals, based on recipes from Anna’s best selling cookbook, One.

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“The OG (original gangster) and best healthy food company in London.”

“The food was universally yummy & tasted so fresh.”

“Tastes much better than anything I can cook at home & presentation is incredible”

“The best diet food delivery service in London.”

“The food is really good, super fresh with an emphasis on taste first.”

Reconnect with food

The dishes are bursting with flavour and goodness to help you tune back in with your body as you eat in a greener, kinder and more joyful way this summer.

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Delicious, healthy meals delivered from renowned chef

All the dishes, inspired by Anna's popular recipes from bestselling cookbook 'One' and most recent 'Easy Wins', are available within our Meal Plan and 3-Day Reset menus or to purchase on our Fridge Fill page.

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Delicious, Healthy, Wholesome goodness.

Explore the 5 dishes below

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