We Speak to... Karis Scarlette
We Speak to... Karis Scarlette
13th Jan, 2016
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1) Tell us your back-story in a nutshell?

I began ballet aged two, and by the age of six I was being trained by former Royal Ballet dancers weekly. I soon joined the Royal Ballet School Junior Associate programme, later joining the Royal Ballet School itself. During my training, I performed regularly with the Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and the English National Ballet. 

Based in London, I became a teacher aged 22 and since then have taught in England as well as internationally, running classical ballet retreats for adults worldwide. With over 25 years in the industry, I also enjoy writing about the history of ballet, its technique and health and fitness benefits.


2) Have you always wanted to be a ballet instructor?

Becoming a ballet teacher is almost a right of passage for us dancers! Good teachers with the professional training and experience are very hard to come by these days. What I enjoy the most about my job is seeing people's lives change through their learning of ballet. Making classical technique accessible and fun is important to the fitness industry and helps keep the ballet tradition alive and current! 


3) In your experience what do you think the biggest benefits of exercising are? 

When you train with an instructor who's wisdom and knowledge is vast and inspiring, it can change your life! Exercise shouldn't just be about aesthetics but more so about health, confidence, education and mental stimulation. Exercise is connecting your mind, body and soul, allowing yourself to feel amazing in your own skin and confident in your own abilities! 


4) What are your favourite pre and post workout snacks?

I don't have a specific 'go to' snack for pre and post workout, however I never let a day go by without my banana, eggs and blueberries, plus plenty of food and drink high in fibre! And water, of course. 


5) And finally, tell us your life philosophy in one sentence?

Live radiantly, passionately and mindfully, with freedom and adventure. Choose happiness at every possible moment and remember that you are capable of anything you focus your energy on. Life is precious and fleeting so we have to make the absolute most of it! 



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