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The Vegan Soup Cleanse

A 3-day Vegan soup & juice cleanse to rest and heal your gut. Available nationwide.

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    ≈ 1000 cals

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    3 days

The Vegan Soup Cleanse


The microbiome found in your gut regulates not only your gut health but your skin health, metabolic health, and brain health. There is no wonder it’s often referred to as your second brain. With this in mind, it is crucial that we take care of it!

In our modern world there are several factors that can affect our gut health, from stress, lack of sleep and poor sleep quality, as well as our increased consumption of highly processed and sugary foods. Our meal plans aim to counter these affects and make it easier to access food that works with your gut not against it.

Whilst we generally promote a whole foods diet, sometimes there is a need to have a deeper cleanse or reset. This is when The Soup Cleanse can act as the perfect reset or healthy kickstart. Read our blog post here on the other benefits of a liquid cleanse.

You'll receive all the soups and juices for the 3 days together on your chosen delivery date. As it is all as fresh as can be, the Reset is intended to start on the day of the delivery or the following day. However, all the contents can be frozen if you wish them to keep for longer.

Deliveries available every Tuesday and Friday.

What's in the box?

  • 9 fresh, organic juices to break your fast
  • 6 nourishing soups to keep you sustained throughout the day
  • 3 booster shots for extra nutrients