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Sign up to our 7-Day Programme designed to help retrain your tastebuds and break your sugar habit.

Simply book on to one of our refined sugar-free meal plans shown below for 7 days or longer, and enter the code 'QUITSUGAR' at checkout. Not only will you receive £50 off the regular meal plan cost, you'll also be sent an exclusive e-guide to quitting sugar created in collaboration with Dr Jenny Goodman, and be invited to a private online event with our Founder, Lily Simpson, and Dr Jenny Goodman, on setting healthy habits.

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The Sugar Detox Plan

Low in energy? Skin breaking out? Feeling bloated? These are just some of the signs that you may be consuming too much sugar.

That's why we've created this programme to help you break your sugar habits and retrain your tastebuds for the better.

How it works:

  • You book a meal plan for 7 days or longer and enter the code 'QUITSUGAR' at checkout to receive your £50 discount on the RRP. We'll then deliver to your door each morning of the plan all the food and drink you need for the day.
  • We'll email you your exclusive e-guide to quitting sugar, created in collaboration with Dr Jenny Goodman.
  • We'll send you an invite to a private online event, where our Founder Lily Simpson will be in discussion with Dr Jenny Goodman on the subject of sugar and how to quit it. This will take place on Tuesday 30th March at 7.30pm.

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