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Short-Term Plans

Choose between our two shorter term intermittent-fasting meal plans: The 3-Day Reset or The Soup Cleanse. Both available nationwide with Vegan and Protein options.

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Short-Term Plans


3-day intermittent fasting meal plans designed by our team of chefs to have you feeling amazing in no time.

We have two short-term meal plan options: The 3-Day Reset and The Soup Cleanse.

With both options, you'll receive all the food and drink for the 3 days together on your chosen delivery date. We offer deliveries on either Tuesday or Friday.

Providing an opportunity for our digestive system to rest and reset through intermittent fasting helps to increase metabolic efficiency, balance energy levels and actually differentiate between what true hunger and habitual hunger is.

For a complete gut rest and reset, try our Soup Cleanse, complete with liquid food and juices only to deliver nutrients quickly and easily, with minimal inflammation. If you would prefer a plan with both whole foods and juices, try our 3-Day Reset.