20th May, 2014

In keeping with Vegetarian week, our ingredient of choice this week is Quinoa, "keen-wa" just in case you were wondering.

Quinoa is widely known amongst us now and we're making it our ingredient of vegetarian week because it is just so versatile and is a great source of protein (between 14%-18%), contains all eight essential amino acids, is low-fat, packed with dietary fibre, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. It is also gluten-free and easy to digest.

This little Peruvian grain makes the most delicious salads, risottos, breads, cakes, muesli's, granola and even milks. You can buy it whole, popped, flaked and as a flour. It seems we have gone crazy for the stuff. Obvious by the fact that you can now pick up a bag in most supermarkets and not just your local health food store.

It's also so easy to prepare, boil in water for 20 minutes until it has all sprouted. When cooked the grain almost quadruples in size.

Try out some of our recipes - Quinoa, Walnut and Kale Burgers, Quinoa Bread, Quinoa Super Salad, or Quinoa, Apple and Goji Berry Porridge

The Summer Edition I: the holistic benefits of a healthy gut

We speak to the founder of The Nue Co, and friend, Jules Miller. The Nue Co.make supplements from real food – you won’t find any chemicals or fillers in their products, just organic ingredients that you can trust to really make a difference. Here, Jules shares some illuminating information about the difference a healthy gut makes, along with some tips on how to keep yours as ship-shape as possible.

How to go vegetarian and still be healthy

Research has shown that people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet have a lower incidence of diet related diseases but not everyone eating this way makes healthy food choices. No matter what dietary preferences you choose to follow the basics of what constitutes a balanced diet are still overarching.

Bulletproof Coffee - a Breakfast Alternative?

Bulletproof coffee first came to our attention several years ago, and we seem to have come full circle as it’s a point of conversation on many people’s lips at the moment. So what is Bulletproof coffee exactly?

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